Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hallowe'en and Quilting

On Hallowe'en night, since we never get any trick or treaters we went out to see a scary play - Veronica's Room.  I'm always amazed at the high quality of theater in Houston - there are so many theaters, and many of them are very small, but the quality of the acting and the production that they put on are incredible.  We volunteer usher at 3 theaters, so we see a lot of plays.  This one we paid to see though - it was a spooky play on Hallowe'en, at a theater we could walk to, so I impulsively bought tickets.

We were both really glad we went.  After a slow first act, the second act was full of twists and turns.  I've seen a lot of plays, including a lot of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, but this one was different than anything else I'd seen.  

On Friday I went to the Quilt Festival, browsed the market and took a few classes.


It was interesting - in one class the teacher was encouraging us to be so precise - "make sure you sew along the edge of your pencil line, not on it" and in the other class the teacher was a little more slack - "hopefully your points all meet at the center - if not, that's a good place for a button". Anyway, it was a fun change from knitting, although I did take home a little alpaca from the WC Mercantile booth.

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