Saturday, November 16, 2013

Round the Bridges in Hamilton, New Zealand

Often when I travel there will be stuff going on, crowds gathering, etc. and I'll have to ask someone what the heck is going on.  This time I came prepared, though, I was in the know, and even signed up!   This weekend is Round the Bridges, which is apparently the oldest race in New Zealand.  I had to be here for work Monday morning, so I signed up for the 12K run and hoped I wouldn't be too jet-lagged to do it.
And I did it - 7.52 miles in 78 minutes and 53 seconds!  Go Me!!
I'd done 7.5 miles last weekend but there are a lot more hills here, and just to make sure I would have something to lay awake worrying about, I walked around the lake yesterday afternoon in shoes without socks.  I ended up with blisters on 4 toes on each foot and 2 blisters on each heel.  Last night I kept waking up every hour or so to slather lotion on my feet.  The treatment worked, and after the run I still have some blisters that haven't broken, and they didn't bother me at all while I was running.
The lake is in the center of town and has some scenery that reminds me very much of lakes in Ontario for some reason.  There's lots of reeds, water lillies and Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks.The water lillies were particularly beautiful - white, pink and yellow.  I haven't seen them in years. 
These are birds I haven't seen before so I think they may be native to New Zealand.  This guy was carrying that rotten orange in his beak across the path.
Here's a mother with her two little ones.  When I was here about 6 weeks ago, there were a lot of mallard babies, but this time there were a lot of these little guys.

This is just a typical Canadian scene right here - Canada geese and a mallard.  Maybe they're called New Zealand geese here.

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