Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Just two for today, but they're very nice ones.  The first one is the Lanesplitter skirt and it's

almost finished - just needs the waistband.  I started this in New Zealand, got it to the point where it needed a waistband and ran out of yarn.  I had brought 6 balls with me and I've got more here at home, but have been distracted with other projects.  Maybe this weekend...

The other one is a beautiful yellow color called Buttercup from a yarn company in Australia called Skein.  This yarn called to me even though it's 50% merino/50% silk, which I've had very bad luck with in the past.  It either stretches out of shape if I wash it by hand, or shrinks down to nothing if I throw it in the machine - even on the gentlest, handwash cycle.  I'm hoping that my knitting is tight enough this time for the sweater to keep it's shape, and if it's not, then this is a drapey kind of sweater anyway.  The color of my yarn is very similar to the color of the yarn in the sweater pattern - called Vitamin D - I'm really hoping it turns out well.

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