Monday, July 8, 2013

Back in Kindergarten

To help motivate myself to actually reach some of these goals I've set for myself - snacking less, running/walking more, blah blah blah... I picked up a few sheets of stickers from the Art Supply store.
It started out with just simple daily goals like not eating after supper, limiting myself to 1 glass of wine, writing for the blog, but once I decided I needed to get running again, it expanded to an 8 week program to prepare for a 10K race.  Then as I was working on stage 4 of Tour de Sock, I broke the sock down into what I thought were about 1 hour chunks and gave myself a sticker each time I finished a chunk.
Nice visual indication of progress and achievement.  The little stickers glitter down on me while I'm slogging away at work.

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